⚡️ 5 Lessons, 5 Problems and 5 Solutions

Maegan Burke
3 min readMar 27

Here are 5 lessons that I’ve learned this past month:

For the past few months @yogabycandace has been highlighting the importance of eating before drinking coffee in the morning, especially in regards to maintaining balanced hormones. As a result, I’ve been intentional about not drinking coffee on an empty stomach AND GUYS! I feel fucking amaezing — and I’m drinking way less coffee (just a cup on most days). Who knew?! Thank you, Candace! I feel such a difference, all the way down to my nervous system. ☕

For the past 2 years or so I’ve had a rule that I can only doing 2 things max at once — no multi-tasking over here. Recently, one of my besties mentioned how much this rule has impacted his productivity so I wanted to share it with you! By only doing 2 things at once, you’re more focused and you create a disciplined mind. Our scattered brains wanna do 57 things at once and it’s up to us to keep them in check. 🧠

I started the year with a goal of reading 52 books. LMFAO. Who tf do I think I am?! Now, I have a goal to read one business book per month and act on it. Reading is cool, but implementing the knowledge is way cooler. I just finished Alex Hormozi’s book on $100M Offers and it’s the most impactful/actionable business book I’ve ever read. EVER! And it was only $1! Whether you’re new to business or 3 decades in, it’s a must read. ASAP! Buy it now. 📕

Two weeks ago I was in Playa del Carmen with my homies and had so much fun getting work done in a mini-Productivity Haus. It was a reminder that no matter my homebase (and no matter what other people want for me), I need a life that affords me the flexibility to go post up and work from Maexico for 2 weeks just because I wanna. Lesson: stay focused on your dream life and silence the outside opinions. And if the unsolicited opinions keep coming, here’s ya reminder that sometimes people need to get cussed out. 🗣️

If you were a part of my recent planning workshops then you know that financial literacy is a primary focus for me. These past 6 months I’ve done such a great job creating a beautiful relationship with money through sustainable systems and daily habits — my fave! A coaching client raved about YNAB last month and since I live in the US again, a cashless society…