⚡️ 5 Problems

Maegan Burke
3 min readMar 29

You people move quicklyyyy.

  • My 12-week new business intensive is sold out! 🥳 I’ll be sure to let you know when I open slots again for 1:1 coaching.
  • Heads up — there are 19 spots remaining for Audit, Align + Conquer Q2 — my quarterly planning event. I’m limiting the headcount because each attendee gets to invite a friend for freee! See you (and your fave planner homie) on March 25th.

5 Problems

Here are 5 problems that I’m currently solving.

I’m focused on building my personal brand and leveraging myself as a small business advisor and coach. (Note: I’m not using the word consultant because although I can, I don’t really wanna do work for anyone who’s not me. Speak with intention, feel me?) I’ve started with rebranding my website and I’m so excited to get a professional reset. You already know you’ll be the first to know when the new website is live! Thank you so much for the compliments; I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling the vibe. 🤎

For the past 3 monthsish I’ve been working with flowerz, spearheading community development. I helped launch flowerz, a cannabis boutique in 2019 with my dear friend Chad and then I dipped tf out to get my mind and business acumen right. I’m so excited to be back, especially since building community is my jam. So far, my favorite part of the role is that I get to plan a monthly event at our new retail spot in DC (and working with one of my best friends doesn’t hurt). If you’re in the DMV, stop by and say I sent you! If you’re not in the DMV, enjoy 30% off your next order with the promo code MAE30. 💨

Is it just me or do you also get into moods where you don’t wanna be perceived and you just wanna delete your entire digital footprint? Just me? Oh, okay. After archiving my entire IG feed, it’s time to start building so that prospective clients don’t get scammer vibes. It sounds soooo easy in theory, but wtf is an Instagram feed?! I’m choosing to approach my IG feed like a business portfolio. I hope to have 3 posts on my feed by the next #555. Hold me accountable! 📱

I have a super secret and super exciting project in the works. I’m on a mission to create something next level so that I can really teach others how to excel at business. (The best way to teach is to learn.) I probably…