3 Ways to Create Freedom Through Structure

Maegan Tomela Burke
2 min readMar 15, 2022

A constant struggle for me used to be “do I want structure or do I want freedom?”

Which really means, “do I want a daily to-do list or do I wanna lay naked in bed all day?”


Through much trial and error, I’ve learned that for my Taurean spirit to thrive, my freedom is dependent upon structure. Structure can be FUN though, I promise.

  • Passive products? Structure.
  • Creating a digital community? Structure.
  • Knowing when to go hard and when to rest? Structure.

Here are 3 ways I create freedom for myself through structure:

  1. I’ve already gone into detail about how I integrate Calendly + Google Calendar. The main reason that I love this duo so much is that I can easily block time on my calendar as “OOO” and ensure that consults aren’t booked during that time period. Structure on the fly.
  2. Any consistent meetings are on the same day at the same time. Let’s say you have a client that requires a weekly check-in. I would schedule that check-in for the same day and time every week. This will help you better plan your to-do’s and better navigate your free time.
  3. I create vague deadlines for myself. You know how some YouTubers say “new video every Thursday?” That’s super beneficial for viewership, but that’s just not realistic for me right now. It’s 3:25AM in Playa del Carmen and I said you would get this email so you gonna get this email. Everyone is different, but I personally thrive with vague deadlines.

Friday Report readers know that they’ll get an email from me every Friday, but I never say when. Sometimes it will be 10am, sometimes 1am. I know better than to set myself up for failure by committing to a certain time of day.

And no one’s gonna die if I send it at 1am.

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Thank you for coming along for this 5-day ride. It’s been a joy to hear how some of you have implemented my tips. Wishing you so much success on your self maed journey and I’ll be sure to let you know when I drop new blogs in the future.

If you need help creating a daily structure that works for you, let’s work.

Stay structured,