A Sunday System for Success

Maegan Burke
3 min readMay 15, 2022


Sundays are for relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. Why deal with the Sunday Scaries when you can have Sunday Success?

Here’s how I set myself up for a productive and balance week.

A small banner saying “Sunday Success” in red and orange text.

I’m obsessed with brain dumps. They are key for me being able to free my mind.

  1. I do a brain dump of every action item, idea or goal that comes to mind. Don’t think, just write or type. If you need a template, here ya go.
  2. Then I separate everything I wrote by type so is it an action item, goal or idea.
  3. Then I look at each of those categories and circle or highlight the priorities. Everything else becomes a bonus.
  4. For now, let’s focus on just the action items. You have a few options on how you can tackle them throughout your week.

Some people like a running list and most of the time, I’m some people.

Some people like to assign the action items to a certain day of the week. This is my second most common approach.

Some people like to take it a step further and reserve time on their calendar to complete each of their important action items. This is called time blocking not to be confused with time tracking which we’ll get into later in the course.

Another option is called task batching. This is when you batch your tasks by type. For example, let’s say this week I want to:

  • write 5 newsletters
  • update my website copy
  • post 3 times on Instagram
  • design a pitch deck
  • and clean up my email inboxes

If I take a task batching approach I’d knock out my emails all at once, I’d batch newsletters and updating my website since they’re both creative writing. And I’d batch the pitch deck with the IG posts since they’re both graphic design and creative writing.

This method helps people create a flow. If you struggle with focus and do not do well with being interrupted while you’re working or jumping from one task to the next, this mae be the best method for you.

🤓 Reminder: the goal is to figure out what works for you. Pick an approach, try it out and simply see how it goes! As you try different approaches, revisit your Sunday brain dumps at the end of the week to help you decide which method is most effective for YOUR brain.

The method that works best for your brain may not be the one that you actually want to use for the long run. Get over it and stick to what works!

For example, I really love to work with a running list, but task batching is actually best for my brain because I work efficiently when I can just focus on type of thing at once.

I’d love to hear how it goes! Tag me on Instagram if you’d like to share.

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