📨 Friday Report II.IV — 4.1.22

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Happy New Moon! 🌕

Umm, is there any better way to start a new quarter than with a new moon?

The theme of my past 2 weeks has been trying new things. I got really caught up working in my business last year. That mixed with parasites really threw me off and I ended up feeling burnt out. I’m the only one responsible for making sure that I’m good so while I’m in busy bee mode, I’m making sure to pursue creative projects again and launch offers that get me tingly inside.

I wrapped up a 30-day challenge of posting to Medium everyday. I stayed consistent, boosted my following and got great engagement. Most importantly, It felt so good to do something for just the creativity, no money goals, no metrics, nada.

My challenge for this month is nourishing my private Life Maed Easy community with organization tips. It’s come to my attention over and over again that I make organization look sexy and if I can help you get through your days with more ease, then I’m doing my job.

I’m going to share tips Monday through Friday all throughout April and you can join for free. We’d love to have you.

On that note, I’m self-proclaiming that I’m a writer. On 2/22/22, my homie Bami prompted me to ask myself what comes easy to me and how I can do more of that (and get paid for it). It maed me realize that writing has always been an outlet for me.

I’ve even been applying for writing gigs so if you come across any that fit my vibe, please send them my way.

Aside from that, I have been WORKING. I recorded 6 podcasts this week, had several coaching sessions with clients, group coaching calls, a workshop, interviews for help…it’s been a lot. And I love itttt.

I always get in this kind of mood during the first half of the year and while yes I love balance within my days, my ultimate priority is balance throughout the year so if I get to do a 13-hour workday here and there so I can have the entirety of December off, I’m here for it.

You know how people say just take the first step even if you don’t know what you’ll have to do next? That’s what my entire life feels like right now. It’s helping me trust myself, my faith and my intuition more than ever.

It’s also maed me realize that since December I’ve done a great job at yelling “YES!” to everything. You wanna start a podcast? Let’s do it. You wanna create a Productivity Haus? Sure! You wanna launch a joint coaching program? Why not?

And the results are wild.​

💻 Let’s dive in!

  • This podcast got me. I think I was crying within the first 5 minutes. I’m such a nerd and I can’t imagine life if I wouldn’t have been able to attend great schools and nurture that piece of me. This def lit a fire under me to figure out how I can help make education accessible to more girls and women across the world.
  • This is 🔥 marketing! Not necessarily the kind of content that warrants celebrating, but this is fucking genius.
  • Bruh! One of my Twitter besties put me on to this podcast, Sweet Bobby. I finished it in a day. I would be very surprised if you’re not ready to fight someone by episode 3.
  • On the scammer wave (my favorite wave), I was so excited to watch Bad Vegan because I followed the story in real time, just like I did with Anna Delvey Sorokin and like Inventing Anna, I was wildly disappointed. Idk if Netflix is pushing shit out so fast now that they’re compromising quality, but I was boredddd.
  • Damn Maegan, back at it again with the scammer shit! Have you been watching The Dropout? It’s so fucking cringey which is a testament to how great Amanda Seyfried is in this role because I be wanting to punch her sometimes. On the real life side, I cannot believe she swindled a whole billi out of investors without even holding a degree! What did I go to college for again?​

🛍️ Buy of the Week

I’m in travel mode so I had to highlight these packing cubes. They’re expandable, mesh and super durable. I’ve had them for years and never travel without them.

Check out previous Buys of the Week.​​

📝 Lesson of the Week

My lesson of the week/month/year has definitely been to be aware of whether or not the energy that I put into my friendships is matched. Friendships change over time and that’s entirely okay. I just wanna be sure that I’m showing up for the ones who show up for me.

As I get deeper into my 30s I can see a trend of people only showing up for weddings, baby showers, etc. and if that works for you, cool. It doesn’t work for me though. I want people who can show up for me even if there isn’t anything to celebrate.

Because I love to travel, I’ve always been the friend that visits. A few years ago I intentionally set out to stop going on tours of the States seeing friends and shocker, a few of my friendships fizzled away. The same people I’d put so much work into seeing would visit Cancun or Tulum while I was living in Playa and not even tell me they were there until the day of (or not tell me at all).

All that to say I’m really happy I called my energy back so I can spend it on the people who are dedicated to showing up for me. They deserve it.​

❗️ ICYMI ❗️

This weekend is my 6 year nomadiversary. Another reminder that I can do anything I wanna do. I was on a call a few days ago with a potential coach and he was like “Wow! Not a lot of people can make nomad life work for that long.” And then I came across this blog saying most nomads are over 30 because they’re more financially prepared to live this life.

And I’ve been doing this since I was 26! I’m so grateful that I received those messages this week because they were great reminders to just keep doing me, the rest will follow.

As I say with every nomadiversary, let my happiness be a reminder to do whatever you want. A lot of our choices aren’t ours until a certain age, if ever. Maybe use this weekend to check in and make sure that your goals are actually yours?

What’s your version of digital nomad life? Is it opening up that cafe you’ve been dreaming of? Writing that book? Quitting your job as a lawyer to become a pro skateboarder?

Whatever they are, I hope that you don’t waste time saying “maybe next year”.​

Stay fearless,




Self Mastery Maeven. Part-time narcissist. Transformation coach. Digital nomad. Your biggest cheerleader. Subscribe to the Friday Report.

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Maegan Burke

Maegan Burke

Self Mastery Maeven. Part-time narcissist. Transformation coach. Digital nomad. Your biggest cheerleader. Subscribe to the Friday Report.

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