📨 Friday Report II.VIII — 11.4.22

Maegan Burke
6 min readNov 15, 2022

Happy Friday!

It’s been a minuuute and so much has happened since the last Friday Report. Thank you for the overwhelming response to the last one! I was moved to hear that it brought tears to your eyes and helped you feel the importance of community.

Since the last Friday Report we had another loss in my family, I took a much needed IG break, I took on a new role and I maed a maejor life decision that I would have never expected.

  1. On the 3-month anniversary of my brother’s passing, I unfortunately woke up to the news that my cousin Tyson passed. The last time I saw him was when he hosted a benefit concert in my brother’s honor and I feel grateful that my brother was able to bring us together, even from the cosmos. I spoke about how I’ve been dealing with grief here and here.
  2. I’m 24 days into a much needed break from Instagram and it’s been WONDERFUL. I cannot recommend it enough. I know that taking a break is difficult for many business owners and humans alike, but my mental health comes before anything and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to live life in the moment. I’ve been able to stay present and live my life instead of documenting it. Thank you so much to everyone who checked on me during my disappearance — I’ll be back on Thursday!
  3. In 2019 I helped one of my besties, Chad, found a cannabis company called flowerz (he even let me name it!). Chad has been wanting me to bring my magic back to the company for a while and being the great salesman that he is, he convinced me to come back during a visit to Providence this summer. I truly believe in the quality of flowerz’ products because I’ve had the pleasure of watching Chad create each of them with love and intention. To celebrate my return to flowerz, you can enjoy 50% off with the promo code WELCOMEBACK on all products — the uplifting gummies are my fave!
  4. Drumroll please?! I never thought I’d see the day that I’d not only relocate to Amaerica, but also be excited for it, but the day is here! I’ve moved back to DC for a multitude of reasons: I get to be closer to my mommy, I get to help open flowerz’ first retail location and I get to enjoy the stability of creating a home of my own. I’m sooo excited for this adventure, especially since DC is the only Amaerican city that I ever miss.