📨 Friday Report XII — 3.26.12

Happy Friday, ma famille!​

I am EXHAUSTED — are you? The full moon is coming this Sunday and while I usually feel lethargic under the power of the full moon, it has been next level.

Even with the fatigue though I’ve been so productive this week and remain so proud of myself. Do you know how hard it is to allow yourself to relax when all you can think about is a to do list? It’s really hard. And it’s actually way harder for me to leave the to-do list alone than it is for me to get the work done.

Even though I’ve been removed from corporate and start up culture for so long it takes WERK to be balanced, but it’s work that I’m dedicated to. Because I did not leave that culture just to put myself back there by choice. FOH.

And so Tuesday I pulled an all nighter and did back-to-back Power Hours from 4pm — 4am (shoutout to the homies for hustling with me) and the next day I slept in and took all of my meetings with my robe on.


Quote of the week:

“You don’t have to be modest about how valuable you are.”​

-some random IG post

This hit hard for me because sometimes I’m like, am I being braggadocious? But then I snap myself out of it and say YES I AM, lemme brag some more.

A friend of mine hit me up to thank me for always hyping up my talents because it gives her permission to do the same and umm, that’s one of the greatest compliments ever.

We as women (and especially Black women) are trained to be small and that’s dead. It’s no one else’s job to hype you up other than you so you better do it well.​

Let’s dive in!

  • New Zealand is offering paid leave to women who experience miscarriages and still births and I can’t even express how necessary this is. Isn’t it dope when women are in power? Compassion feels so good.
  • Issa Rae went from YouTube to creating one of the most culturally-relevant shows of my lifetime to an 8-figure deal with WarnerMedia. Iconic.
  • Did you know that an Indian immigrant created Chippendale’s? This podcast is crazy.
  • This food critic lost her sense of smell after covid as many others have. I have another biomagnetism appointment next week in Tulum to assist with my mission of getting my full smell back. It’s been almost a year since I had covid and it’s still not the same. 😞
  • “You recover from illness whereas injury has lasting effects so view smell loss as an injury rather than an illness.”
  • Evanstan, IL is offering reparations to its African American residents and using tax income from cannabis sales to fund the mission. Yes, yes and yes.
  • Bruh, it’s been 10 years since the war in Syria started. I honestly actively try not to think about it because it breaks my heart and makes me feel…gross for not helping in some way.
  • LOVE this print of every color of Mr. Roger’s cardigans.​​

What’s up with me?

  • My FREE 5-Day Goal Getter Challenge starts Monday and it’s going to be LIFE. The challenge is designed to train you how to have fun and reward yourself for accomplishing your goals. I don’t want to spoil it though, so sign up here for all of the deets!
  • I onboarded the internz this week with the help of Renny, my right-hand woman and I’m feel so happy and blessed to have them with me on this journey. We spent the week getting them into the habit of project planning and I can’t wait to show you what they accomplish over these 6 weeks.
  • I used to feel kinda elitist about posting on my IG stories about my dedication to massages and in-home services but now I get a message almost everyday from someone telling me that they just booked a massage and that is the greatest impact I could ever ask for. Our bodies hold us down so much and they really deserve it.​

Track of the Week

One of the greatest resurrected oldies of all time is Streets. I loved this song from the jump because it samples B2K. And then the Silhouette Challenge became the greatest of all time. And THEN she made a visually-stunning video that paid homage to the challenge and had sexy ass Kofi Siriboe? 🤤

If you haven’t watched the video, please do so now. It’s so beautiful filmed.​​


I’m off to lay back in bed and then get my eyebrows threaded for the first time in Maexico (I’m shook 🥴). Then I’m gonna have drinks with my chicas, take about 17 melatonin tablets and sleep until Sunday’s Full Moon ceremony on the beach.

I challenge you to let yourself rest this weekend. We’re gonna have things to do forever, for the rest our of lives! The to-do list isn’t going anywhere and the world won’t end if you take a nap or snuggle with your boo.

Take the break. You deserve it.

A bientot,

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Self Mastery Maeven. Part-time narcissist. Transformation coach. Digital nomad. Your biggest cheerleader. Subscribe to the Friday Report.

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Maegan Burke

Maegan Burke

Self Mastery Maeven. Part-time narcissist. Transformation coach. Digital nomad. Your biggest cheerleader. Subscribe to the Friday Report.

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