📨 Friday Report XIII — 4.2.21

Happy Friday!​

Can you believe that it’s April? How?

We have a lot of fresh faces emails here this week so allow me to (re)introduce myself…

My name is Maegan and I’m the Chief Education Officer at Life Maed Easy. Life Maed Easy is just as it sounds — we make your life easier by making education + self improvement FUN.

My mission is to build out a platform of all the educational resources you could ever need for personal and professional development.

Each week, I send out a Friday Report which is basically a summary of my favorites things from the interweb and favorite life updates.

It has been a WEEK and I’m cozy in bed with heavy eyes so…​

Let’s dive in!

  • PLEASE make it a major to-do to listen to this episode of This Is Uncomfortable. It’s imperative and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Just when you think you know what’s coming next, you’re entirely blown away.
  • Issa Rae was the inspo behind my desire to include “Mae” in all of my business names and here she introduces HOORAE, her media company that she created to honor her aunt Rae. Iconic.
  • “You don’t need to call him Big Landon.” 😂
  • These 7 marketing tips are so effective and beautifully explained. I love easy education.
  • Lately, I’ve really been missing being in a box, but I don’t miss CrossFit culture in the slightest.
  • The latest episode of Queen Sugar is a must-watch. So beautifully (and painfully) told and wonderfully filmed. Whether or not you’ve watched the show you before, I highly recommend watching the episode. Doesn’t even make sense that Ava hasn’t won major awards for this show yet. 🙄​

What’s up with me?

  • I had a major download this week about the direction of Life Maed Easy. I felt it coming on, grabbed my laptop, opened Notion and wrote down all of the ideas. It was magic! I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
  • This week’s 5-Day Goal Getter challenge is officially done! I had such a great time and it felt so good to do something for myself but with other people. I had a goal of 30 people signing up and instead SEVENTY-EIGHT people signed up. Ahhh!
  • I enjoyed it so much that I’m doing it again starting April 5th. If you need a little push to tackle a goal or are lacking motivation, sign up because this is for you. And it’s free, so come play.
  • I had the self-care Friday of my dreams. A massage, an IV drip because I’ve been dehydrated since ’92 and a biomagnetism treatment to help me address my anxiety and to help heal some covid after effects.​

Quote of the Week

“You need competitors.”​

-​This post by @WildlyCreating is so perfectly worded and offered me an impactful to view on competitors. I honestly don’t ever consider my competition because what’s that? This post helped me see how I can creatively peep what others in my lane are doing.​

Track of the Week

I’ve had Show Me Love by LaLa &ce on repeat for months now. I liiive for music that fluidly combines languages.​


I’m signing off to sleep like a Maexican baby and I hope you get to do the same tonight.

You deserve it.

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