📨 Friday Report XXVIII — 7.16.21

Happy Saturday!​

I’m having the sleepy Saturday of my dreams and have actually used all the will in my body to sit up and write this email. I forget that travel is a lot on the body, but I mentally feel SO energized. My body, on the other hand, just wants to be horizontal.

One highlight of my trip to Panama & DR was being surrounded by beautiful Black men and constantly being told how beautiful I am. Because I was at a resort, the men were honest, but respectful. It was a dream.

And the whole experience maed me reflect on pretty privilege. I’m someone who will always take advantage of any privilege that I’m afforded. I deserve a life of ease and I’ve worked hard for all that I have. Why not get a little boost?

Pretty privilege used to make me uncomfortable though because I wasn’t comfortable in my appearance. I’ve always been confident and even as a kid, I could energetically take over a room.

Most of the time though I still felt like the overweight girl with a lazy eye.

Having spent the past 18 months transforming my physical appearance maed it even clearer to me how much pretty privilege is not dependent upon your physical appearance. You can be physically attractive and absolutely ugly.

Since pretty privilege is a reflection of how you carry yourself and how you treat others I was able to take advantage of pretty privilege when I was younger because my confidence was there. And most importantly, I’ve always been kind to anyone who crosses my path. And that’s the ultimate key to being pretty.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: my personal transformation has really taught me that if you really, truly wanna know how you feel about yourself, start watching how you speak about others.

If you’re constantly critical of other people’s appearances, be more proactive about giving strangers compliments. If I say anything negative about someone or myself, I have to follow up with 3 positives.

And the shit WORKS! Now, on the rare occasion that I think something not-so-nice about someone’s appearance, it’s like my brain says something positive at the same damn time.

It takes work, but being a kind human (internally + externally) is the key to being pretty.

Before you reflect on how you can be a bit kinder to yourself and others for the sake of being pretty…​

Let’s dive in!

What’s up with me?

  • I’m being pushed toward greatness and I’m so so grateful to have friends who nudge me cuss me out about it. I’m scared though. Confident or not, taking on more responsibility is really scary for me. That’s that imposter shit. I know it’s time though and that with stepping into my power I’ll be able to impact more humans and that’s my dream. I’m scared though guys.
  • With coming into my power is acknowledging my talents. Like really acknowledging them. I have a really great problem: I’m great at a lot of things, but I don’t really ever consider how easy some things come to my while others wouldn’t even know where to begin. Me being so self-absorbed coupled with me seeing the talent in everyone has gotten me to a place where I’m ignoring how I can really help people.
  • What does all of this mean? What’s next? I have no fucking idea, homie. I’m gonna figure it out though, that’s what I do. And if you’re embarking on a scary journey like a new challenge or mission or business or trip, you got this. As long as you’re dedicated to the mission and I am 1000% committed to 1) being my own boss and 2) helping humans create freedom through structure.​

Track of the Week

Bami with another one! Omah Lay’s Godly is perfect for a summertime slow whine. And maybe the theme song to my life right now. Listen on…

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

And after that, enjoy this Spotify playlist I maed for your listening pleasure! It includes all Tracks of the Week thus far.



Ahhh — I did it! My reward for writing this email is smoking a joint while proofreading it. My reward for sending this email out is ordering sushi and binging more Housewives and digital courses. Whether or not you’ve watched RHOA in its entirety, I highly recommend starting it from the beginning.

I’m gonna do that thing where I allow myself to rest. I think I make it look easy, but it’s hard for me man. Luckily my dedication to creating my dream life always snaps me back to reality. I deserve a prosperous, abundant and easy life.

And you do, too. You want it? You got it.

Stay pretty,

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