📨 Friday Report XXXIX — 10.1.21

Quote of the Week

-This horoscope of mine represents the theme of my week.

Happy Friday party people!​

I’m back from my little mountain mission and I have almost 90 unread emails in my business inbox. Normally, I’d be absolutely distraught about it, but I’m chillin. If I haven’t answered your email, I will by the end of the weekend.

My focus as of late has been to settle into the peace that I so badly used to desire.

I used to hear people, especially women, talking about how they fucked up romantic relationships because once they got a man who was calm and caring and giving, they didn’t feel any excitement and went into self sabotage mode to ruin things.

I don’t think I’m like that with romantic relationships because what are those, but I do think I can be like that with life in general. For so long the source of my excitement was stressful situations because I had to act out of survival so now I’m focusing on proactively creating the excitement in my life rather than just accepting whatever gets thrown my way.

After spending decades in survival mode, it is not easy to turn that switch off and simply settle into your new peaceful and abundant life. If only it worked that way…

During my time in Chiapas I especially put a lot of effort into not being concerned about where money was coming from for the rest of the year and instead chose to trust in myself because Past Mae created the foundation for success. And like clockwork I hit half of my revenue goal for the month in the one week that I was in Chiapas.

The Universe is fucking wild.

It’s one thing to know you deserve better. It’s another to ask for better. And it’s really another to get accustomed to being better.

This mae be my favorite step yet of this journey. It’s the ultimate test of faith to trust that the Universe and a prior version of me got me. And I have yet to be disappointed.

Before you settle into your newfound peaceful state…​

Let’s dive in!

  • Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (if so, stay there — it’s much better than life…over a rock?), like a third of Chinese production has been halted and obvi the majority of global consumer goods are maed in China so mofos are SHOOK about what’s to come in a few months.
  • This woman took time off to travel, retired early, moved to Maexico and reinvented herself as a “Career Break” coach to help other women do the same. You can really create a career out of whatever you want (as long as you think you can) and I think that’s so beautiful.
  • As I often say, create businesses off of who you are instead of what you do and you good for life.
  • Here are 6 ways to create success. My favorite part is the Making the Band reference. #iconic And if you don’t wanna listen, here’s a summary:
  1. define what success means for you
  2. create a plan to reach that definition of success
  3. proactively plan for your pitfalls + challenges
  4. develop a solid accountability plan
  5. take action no matter how you feel
  6. do a weekly review of your wins + challenges

What’s up with me?

  • I’m back on the Playa side of Maexico and so happy to be warm again. I’m genuinely not meant to be cold and I honestly don’t see the need for it.
  • I’m gearing up to meet my friends in San Juan in less than 2 weeks and I’m SO excited. I really miss my homies and often. I’m so grateful to have friends who will always meet me somewhere in the world. Even Dayo.
  • I feel super clear on the direction of my business and I’m really enjoying transitioning into an easier flow. The first year grind is no joke, but now that I’m confident in my skillset and ability to make shit happen, I don’t feel any stress and I plan to keep it that way.​

Track of the Week

As if Good & Plenty wasn’t beautiful enough already, we got blessed with a Lucky Daye remix. LORD! Here’s to hoping that this puts you in a mood. 😉 Listen on…

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It’s now 4:30am and I’ve just added the finishing touches on this email because my life is the greatest adventure. I hope you enjoy it when you wake up.

Stay peaceful,

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