Here’s the 1st step to making a career change. 💼

Maegan Burke
2 min readDec 27, 2022

Yesterday I shared via my IG stories that I’m in the midst of figuring out what my next career move will be since Life Maed Easy will soon come to an end. 🥲

With the help of Peter Voogd’s 6 Months to 6 Figures, I’m completing a series of exercises to create clarity, direction and a clear goal before I move forward.

The book’s first exercise turned out wonderfully for me so I wanted to share in hopes that it will help you the next time you want to make a professional change.

In chapter 1 he provides an email template to send to a minimum of 5 people that you trust and respect (I sent it to 11 😛). The goal is that your homies/associates will help you figure out what comes easy to you and what you do better than anyone else.

Although the book intends for this to be an exercise for entrepreneurs, I’d also recommend it for anyone looking to transition to a new job.

Here’s the email I sent to my homies — feel free to copy + paste if you need it!​

Email subject: Quick Question 🤓

Hey homie!

Thank you in advance for taking this email seriously! I genuinely appreciate your time. I’m only sending this email to the 11 most influential people in my life — the people I respect and who raise my