How Do I Create Passive Income?

I’m a digital girl living in a digital world! Digital passive products were key to funding and growing my new business. While not everyone is meant to create all the courses and workshops and guides, there are still strategic ways to repurpose your content for passive income.

For the sake of today, we’re going to approach this from the perspective of someone who is not already an online entrepreneur.

Note: all of these tips can be applied to creating a digital freebie for your audience in order to grow your email list.👇🏾

1. Identify your area of expertise.

Feeling stuck? Ask yourself “what can I teach Past Me?” What does 5-years-ago-you need to learn to get to where you are now?

Boom. That’s your target audience.

2. Start basic.

A common struggle for me as an educator is that I jump ahead to steps 1 and 2 while my student is wondering what step 0 is. 🤪

Identify your step 0 and build your first product’s content around that. Dumb. It. Down. And when you’re done, find a friend who knows nothing about your area of expertise and see how they digest the info.

3. Choose your product’s topic.

I do this using Google. Let’s say I’m a Tarot Reader and I want to create a guide for my audience. Considering step #2, “start basic”, I’m going to search “what is Tarot?”

Use the FAQs that Google provides to create your product.

Google already gives a list of FAQs related to your search and if you expand each question, more will pop up. Use those questions to guide you as you create your content. It’s literally telling you what people want to know!

Another way to go about this if you know where your target audience spends time online, go there and see what questions they’re asking. Create products that answer those questions.


  1. Use the steps above to create a freebie.
  2. Make sure that the recipient has to provide their email address to receive the freebie.
  3. Now you can survey your new subscribers and ask them what content they want from you.
  4. When it’s time to sell your new product, you already have an audience willing and wanting to purchase it. 🥳


Look for existing passive products like the ones you want to create. Buy them, follow them all the way through and take note of what you liked and what you didn’t.

This goes without saying, but…please don’t plagiarize. Use their content and delivery as inspo to create a product that reflects your expertise.



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