Routines vs. Rituals

Maegan Burke
4 min readOct 24, 2022

Happy Thursday from Rainy Delaware! 🌧

Life is still lifing yet I’m thriving in my comeback season and today has been a Taurus’ dream. It’s a moody, cloudy vibe, but most importantly — it’s not cold. 🙌🏾 The thought of seeing winter has me shook, but I’ve been heavy focused on rebranding cold days as cozy opportunities. #staydelusional

Routines vs Rituals

In a recent Moment with Mae I talked about how I’m more inclined to be consistent with a morning ritual rather than a morning routine and maybe that will change in a few months, but for right now I need soft, easy mornings.

Morning rituals are for nurturing my mind, body and spirit. Morning routines are for jumpstarting my day.

A ritual for me is a series of nourishing events put together with intention whereas a routine is a more structured approach to setting yourself up for the day. There’s nothing wrong with either, I think it just depends on the season and what you’re craving in the moment.

Hit reply and please tell me, which do you prefer? A ritual? A routine? Neither?

While you’re at it, I would LOVE to hear how you move through your day. How do you prioritize your to do’s? How do you keep track of your projects and goals? Are your current systems working for you or against you? I love learning more about human behavior so thank you for sharing!

ICYMI, here’s what’s up:​

Audit, Refine + Align for Q4

Last weekend I facilitated an action planning session for Q4. Thank you to all of the ladies who joined live! It was such a productive 90-minutes and I will absolutely host similar workshops in the future. You still have time to cop the replay (it’s available through October 31st). Upon purchase you’ll receive the step-by-step approach that I take to creating realistic goals and habits.

Emphasis on realistic. This workshop is for my fellow over-thinkers, overachievers and people pleasers! I created this special approach to goal getting for myself because I needed something that helped me minimize overwhelm and human distractions.​

The People Pleasers’ Guide to Boundaries