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Happy Friday!​

I’ve missed you humans. 🥰 If you’re new here, welcome to the Friday Report where I share fun internet finds, travel adventures, business updates and wayyy too much of my personal life. You can get caught up here.

During my monthish hiatus I realized how much I love this newsletter and how important of a creative outlet it is. A highlight of this year so far is diving into my creativity.

The Selfish Reset (a 6-week program maed for the modern woman to find power in being selfish) just ended and bruh, the feedback? The impact? Lowkey, the Selfish Reset changed my trajectory for 2022 and I’ll be bringing it back in April if you missed out on the first one. 🙌🏾

The other super fun highlight is that I’m back in MaedellÍn FOCUSED! I’ve committed to a cozy Airbnb in my favorite neighborhood with my homie Bami and we’re here for 6 weeks to grind in what we call The Productivity Haus. We’re only halfway through the 6 weeks and I’ve already accomplished so much.

The Productivity Haus has highlighted how important it is for me to have fun with my business and to create projects for myself with zero financial motive whether it’s podcasts, blogs, shopping lists, whatever. I just wanna have fun!

And so…what’s good with you? Did you have a smooth transition into 2022? Are you entirely fucking confused about what the world is right now? How have you been getting selfish? LMK.

I’ve maed some minor changes to the Report; I hope you enjoy ‘em! Grab your fave bevvie or some herb and…​

💻 Let’s dive in!

I have a lot so I categorized them for you this week.


  • I had no idea that Michael K. Williams hosted a VICE series called Black Market. This episode is such a sad foreshadowing in retrospect. He so genuinely showed concern for the addicts in the episode. #RIP
  • I watched Definitely, Maybe with Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher during the flight to MaedellÍn and actually shed a few tears — don’t tell anyone. If you’re in need of rom-com, I highly recommend it.
  • Bruhhhh. Thailand’s government created a plan to spread Thai culture by strategically incentivizing their nationals to create restaurants throughout the world and it worked! The plan is absolute genius, here’s a super quick recap.
  • I was actually tingly when I learned about this cast (Lauren London x Jonah Hill?!) and all excitement for the movie was lost when I found out Kenya Barris was the director.
  • The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window was satirical genius! I’m convinced that anyone who didn’t like it entirely missed the humor.



  • If you’re new here, I live for scammer stories! I can’t ruin this for you, you’ll just have to learn about the Bitcoin Widow for yourself.
  • More scammer shit! Please start this season of Chameleon if you haven’t yet. These 2 teenage boys appear in this small Canadian town claiming they were raised in the forest and how the truth gets exposed is 🤪🥵🤯😳​

💁🏾‍♀️ What’s up with me?

  • In the midst of a broken foot (that is still healing), I got covid and to be honest, I didn’t even really care because at least I wasn’t cold. Now I have lingering symptoms and I’m pretty over it, but we move.
  • I’ve maed a sharp pivot into transformation coaching (you’re the first one I’m telling) and I’ve signed 3 coaching clients in the past few weeks. Everything that I’m doing feels sooo aligned with where I’m headed. I have 2 spots left in my 3-month transformation program starting next week, holla at me if you’re ready to FOCUS for the sake of Future You.
  • I haven’t been on a date since ’93 and I miss the streets. I really don’t enjoy dating apps and I also haven’t been outside much so it would be great if I could telepathically attract great men. Help?​

🛍️ Buy of the Week

New section alert! By request, each week I’ll share one of my favorite buys.

This L’Oréal Primer has changed the gaaame — thank you, Laura! I apply it and let it dry for a few minutes then apply the greatest mascara to ever do it. The volume and definition is 🤤​

📝 Lesson of the Week

Another new section. Bye bye QOTW.

My lesson of the week/life’s mission is to find some grey area when it comes to work. I either approach my day with hefty to do lists or absolutely nothing planned, but why can’t it be somewhere in between?

I often overwhelm myself by diving all into a new project, but what if I just work on it for a few hours per day instead of packing it all into 8 hours like I’m cramming for a test in college again?

Can I make time for fun everyday and still get a few hours of work done? TBD.

And that’s a wrap! Moving forward, I’ll be dropping these every other week so I can give time to all the fun things that I’m creating for myself and my empire! I have a super exciting project dropping this week and you already know I’m gonna tell you the second it’s live.

It’s 10PM in Colombia. I’m about to do some prep work for my coaching clients and then reward myself with a smooth ass joint and some Netflix. I’m watching Inventing Anna and after following the story in realtime, I’m not impressed.

I’m supposed to go to a cocktail party tomorrow and I’m SO salty that my foot is effing broken because what shoes am I supposed to wear? Am I supposed to roll up to a cocktail party in flats?! 😩

As always, I hope you create the weekend of your dreams. You deserve it.

Stay creative,




Self Mastery Maeven. Part-time narcissist. Transformation coach. Digital nomad. Your biggest cheerleader. Subscribe to the Friday Report.

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Maegan Burke

Maegan Burke

Self Mastery Maeven. Part-time narcissist. Transformation coach. Digital nomad. Your biggest cheerleader. Subscribe to the Friday Report.

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