When to burn it all down! 🔥

2022 is the year of the Self Maed entrepreneur. Subscribe to the Self Maed Report for a behind-the-scenes look into my business progress, new ventures, success stories and lessons learned.

This is lesson 1 of 11 after 1 year in business.

What started as a January break quickly turned into a January breakdown. 🥲 Not just me? Okay, cool.

I brought in the new year in sunny Maexico and traded that for a cold Delaware winter. Between overindulging in all the treats, abandoning my routines and a broken foot, I was feeling totally off my game.

In addition to all of that, I completely let go of all of Life Maed Easy’s biggest income generators so that I could refine them as I take the business in a new direction.

And those decisions are already paying off because they brought me to here.

Never be afraid to burn it all down! 🔥

When I got rid of my passive workshops, clients and consults in December, I wasn’t sure why I was doing it, but I knew it was the right decision.

By request, consults are back! Here are the most popular.

But I said I was done with consults, right? I’ll tell you tomorrow why I brought them back.

Until then…

Stay warm,



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